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Our Courses

We provide a whole array of courses designed to meet each department's particular needs

Functional course

The course main objective is to deliver the functionalities and business processes provided by Odoo in the main most used modules,

in order to fully understand the capabilities of each module and the data flow of each, so you can easily find out which module is suitable for each project and customer.

Technical Training

The course mainly aims to deliver the fundamentals of technical odoo, where you will learn about Odoo’s framework, and how to setup and run odoo.

The course aims to deliver the understanding of file structures, security and reports. And here you will start customizing existing modules and developing new ones.

You will also get to learn how to administrate your odoo server, test your modules and do the troubleshooting.

Advanced Training

The course in an advanced level of courses 1&2, where after this course you will master Odoo!

You will get to work with Odoo deeply, as you will learn a deeper level of technical and functional odoo, after this course you will be able to tell what to build and what is already provided by odoo, and here comes the master piece that will distant you from other developers, more efficient time management, less cost, and clean coding!

The course will also maximize your business analysis abilities, so you can master the analysis phase of projects and easily understand your project’s needs and requirements so you can deliver a service that satisfies your end users.