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We committed to helping you maintain your business with our services

Business Analysis

Business process analysis and optimization.


We Offer Network Solutions as a service.


Software Solutions is our Core Service


We Also Offer websie development and design


We Offer Business Consultancy to all business sizes

VPS Hosting

Our offer extends beyond the hosting of our solution to administrating

Courses & Training

We offer courses and training to our products with different levels and plans

Our Products


An off-shelf product, provided by Accel to serve the purpose of automating daily business processes and integrating different functions into one complete system to streamline processes and information across the entire organization.


An off-shelf product, provided by Accel, specifically for educational institutes, to automate and optimize processes, students get the services they demand, faculty facilitates teaching and learning in the classrooms, and departmental staff have the information and support to be more effective.


An off-shelf product, provided by Accel, specifically for exporting companies, It provides a centralized database for customers, vendors, products, contracts and documents to follow up the process throughout different departments; purchase, sales, inventory, and to track the shipment till they are delivered to the final destination.


An off-shelf product provided by Accel, Innovative, integrated software can change the business landscape, giving the customer greater control, higher productivity, and optimized business processes for a better bottom line. Using machine learning and Business Intelligence to provide more detailed and accurate reports to improve the process of decision making and resources allocation. (products icons will be provided later).